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INDIANA BPA is committed to excellence and integrity. We have established IN BPA as one of the finest organizations available for young  athletes. Our staff promotes an atmosphere where  participants and families can enjoy the great game of baseball.

IN BPA hosts local, regional and National events of the highest quality and standards. We honor and enforce nationally recognized Code of Ethics for coaches, players and spectators. Our BPA  umpires are some of the best you will see. Indiana BPA staff and officials act in a professional manner, and we make decisions by always  considering  the  paramount  criteria  of  "What's Best for Our Players."     

Our primary goal is for everyone to enjoy and             appreciate the BPA experience and the              great game of baseball!

Darrell L. Garbacik  -  Indiana BPA State Director
Jon Anderson  -  Indiana BPA Asst. State Director
TJ DeGiulio  -  Indiana BPA Umpire In Chief


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New for BPA Teams for the 2015 - 2016 season:

1) Insurance Change: Any team may enter BPA tournaments with a current BPA Sanction Number. All teams that enter IN BPA tournaments will meet the BPA Westpoint insurance requirements.
2) Sanction Fee Change - BPA sanction fee is $30.
3) Sanction Year Change - The new sanction year will begin on August 1, 2015 and run through July 31, 2016.